Sometimes the best ideas come from fateful inspiration, and the birth of Fairydrops had just such a beginning. If Japanese TV personality Aya Yasuda has learned just one thing from her time in front of the camera, it is that the eyes are the key to leaving a lasting impression. And what is the best way to achieve this effect? Long, lush lashes of course!

As the CEO & Founder of Fairydrops, Aya Yasuda is a globe-trotting woman constantly on the move. In-between overseeing her growing global brand, she still manages to fulfil yet another role, as an on-air TV personality in Tokyo.

The past several years have seen Aya’s celebrity grow as a strong, independent businesswoman in Japan, and has been the focus of several TV programs and magazine articles. After learning that the eyes are the secret to making a great impression, she designed her product line to achieve just that. But while making an impact through beauty is essential, Aya’s ultimate goal is to inspire other girls and women to be confident and show their beauty, both inside and out.